NV Colour Cosmetics Lipstick in Fever


Im a big fan of bold colours on my lips. So when I was asked by NV Colour Cosmetics to choose two lip colours, I went for brazen shades which were also perfect for the festive season. One of the items I chose was their lipstick in Fever, a deep ruby red with cool undertones. This was the first time Id heard of NV Colour so I went straight onto their website for a nosy. First impression is that their tag line is aptly phrased the home of enviable colour. Its all about the bright and bold colours!


At first I wasnt sure about the cuboid casing of the lipstick, but the fact that the casing is magnetic totally wins me over! The magnet keeps the lid firmly attached, so this is great for carrying in your handbag. Genius.

Formula and Staying-Power

NV Colour lipsticks are marketed as being moisturising and long-lasting, and I can definitely vouch for this for Fever. I was instantly impressed by how easily this lipstick glided onto my lips which are notoriously dry. It felt comfortable to wear. The pigmentation is outstanding, and stains your lips for long-lasting colour. I would estimate this lasts for approximately 4-6 hours with eating and drinking. I recommend getting a lip liner for this though as the colour does bleed quite a bit, which is a bit of an issue for such a dark colour. Unfortunately, I didnt have a lip liner in the right shade of red!

Pricing and Conclusion

NV Colour lipsticks retail at £6.00 which I think is very reasonable taking into consideration the quality of the packaging, the pigmentation, the moisturising formula, and the staying-power! At the moment there are six shades of lipstick to choose from, but Im sure more may be added in the future. I also have one of their Chunky Lip Crayons which I have been trying out, so a review for that will be coming soon!