Super Skin Care

The last couple of years has since the rise of super makeup. Makeup that can perform more than one function. Yes, Im thinking of those BB, CC and even DD creams. But what about skin care? If youre anything like I was, youd have your day cream, night cream and eye cream. Rajeunir have come up with a innovative super serum this is basically your day cream, night cream, eye cream and primer in one! Rajeunirs beauty range may be aimed at those over 40, but that doesnt mean the younger of us wont find Rajeunirs Moisture Serum useful!

Rajeunir have impressively created their range with an award-winning scientist with 40 years of experience in the cosmetics industry. With those credentials its easy to see why they have managed to create this super serum! So what are some of the special ingredients that make Rajeunir Moisture Serum so super?

The word ‘Rajeunir’ comes from the French Language and means ‘to rejuvenate’. The Rajeunir Beauty Range came about as a result of frustration with the media and society’s view of age. Women over the age of 40 are portrayed and judged as ‘over the hill’ or ‘past it’. Picking up a tabloid paper will show a photo of a celebrity of a certain age with the phrases “she’s still got it” or “she looks good for her age”. These phrases are degrading and frustrating. Why can a woman not just look good full stop?

  • Circutext has a calming and soothing effect on the skin. It also strengthens blood vessels which helps to reduce spider veins and dark circles.
  • Regenerlite offsets the negative effects of environmental pollutants, including neutralising free radicals.
  • Hydrescence reduces dehydration in changeable weather, and strengthens the skin.
  • Nectarlite  provides moisturisation for up to 24 hours and promotes elasticity.
  • Rajeuspheres these small spheres absorb water from the deep dermis to give the skin a plumper look smoothing out wrinkles.
  • Constabright creates a brightening effect which evens out skin tone and can reduce the appearance of age spots.

Obviously I cant comment on all these properties, but I can say that when I do use this it absorbs incredibly quickly leaving my skin feeling moisturised, smooth, and velvety. It works well as a primer for my foundation as it increases wear time and reduces the size of my pores.

Its great around my eyes as it doesnt cause my eczema to flare up, and smooths my dark circles out. I dont use this all the time as my skin is oily and I like a bit more oil control (particularly during the day), but this has been brilliant for those days and nights where my skin feels drier. I can see myself using this more in the coming winter months!

Im not sure Ill repurchase this straight away, mainly because its not the perfect fit for my skin type at the moment (it is aimed at those over 40 after all), but when my skin changes as I age, I will definitely bare Rajeunir Moisture Serum in mind! Also, Rajeunir doesnt test on animals, which is a big positive in my opinion! This is a luxury skin care product at £42.00 for a 30 mL bottle, but it can be your day cream, night cream, eye cream and primer in one!

Do you think we should have more super skin care, like Rajeunirs Moisture Serum, on the market?